Coastal Products

WFP offers a “forest” of products in a variety of sizes and standards — including products for remanufacture and custom applications. Quality fibre from five coastal BC tree species is used for product lines of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Hem-Fir, Yellow Cedar and Sitka Spruce. While all are renowned for their performance and durability, each species has its own unique properties, but all are characterized by the distinctive straight- and fine-grained fibre unique to WFP’s timberlands.

The need to tread more lightly on our planet makes it easy for our customers to choose wood products from Western Forest Products. All WFP wood products are from forests harvested and reforested in a sustainable manner.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar from Western Forest Products is one of the world’s finest building materials.

Its exceptional warmth, character, natural durability, dimensional stability and beauty make it ideal for a variety of exterior and interior uses. Both professionals and do-it-yourself-ers find it lightweight and easy to handle and install.


WFP Hem-Fir — a mixture of two species, Western Hemlock and Amabilis Fir — can be used for a wide variety of end uses. Its superior strength and nail-holding capabilities make it suitable for all types of construction.

Hem-Fir is also a perfect option for joinery and millwork such as doors, windows, mouldings and other appearance products because of its durability, light colour, and freedom from pitch.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir has a long-standing reputation for its distinctive natural attributes, including strength, durability and beauty. WFP’s Douglas Fir is particularly renowned for its quality and range of grades and characteristics, including some that is exceptionally straight- and fine-grained.

Overall, Douglas Fir is valued for its durability, high strength-to-weight ratio, dimensional stability and hardness.

Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar, also known as Yellow Cypress or Pacific Coast Yellow Cedar, is found only on the west coast of North America, and Western Forest Products has access to the finest of this wood.

This slow-growing, long-lived species produces exceptional wood valued for its strength, extreme durability and outstanding beauty.

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce, like Yellow Cedar, is an exceptional wood renowned for its beauty and outstanding characteristics. This is the largest of all commercially harvested spruces, and WFP can supply some of the finest Sitka Spruce in the world.

Due to its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and shock-absorbing qualities, it’s used in a wide range of applications from aircraft construction to masts and spars for boats as well as other construction.