Western Red Cedar Products

WFP’s Western Red Cedar is one of the world’s top building materials. Its beauty, natural durability and dimensional stability make it ideal for a variety of exterior and interior uses.


Western Forest Products is able to access the type of fine-grained Western Red Cedar fibre that is ideal for siding. Produced to exacting standards, WFP’s siding is available in various standard and custom profiles offering versatility that complements any architectural style.

Western Red Cedar adapts equally well to bold, expressive modern designs or more traditional styles, with an enduring beauty that projects sophistication and prestige.

For installation tips, download these technical guides:

WRCLA How To Install Western Red Cedar Siding (English)


Western Red Cedar bevel siding is the most widely used type of cedar siding. It is produced by re-sawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces (each thicker on one edge than the other), with one face that is saw-textured. Depending on grade and customer preference, the other face can also be saw-textured or smooth. .

WFP’s bevel siding is installed horizontally giving it an attractive shadow line which varies with the thickness of siding selected. It is available in the following grades:

  • Classic Clear: Quality appearance suitable for prestigious, refined designs.
  • Premium Knotty: Ideal for homes, cottages, clubhouses and applications where warmth and casual charm are desired.

For installation tips, download the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association’s publication How to Install WRC Siding.

Tongue and Groove

WFP’s Western Red Cedar tongue and groove (T&G) is widely selected for its good looks and versatility. For exterior applications it can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally — resulting in very different looks.  T&G can also be used as interior panelling, adding drama and warmth to your home.

WFP’s tongue and groove siding is available in:

  • Classic Clear – which suits more formal, elegant applications.
  • Premium Knotty – for a smart, casual look.

For installation tips, download the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association’s publication How to Install WRC Siding.


Channel siding is typically used for a more rustic appearance. A versatile siding, it can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

The profile of each board partially overlaps that of the board next to it, creating a channel that gives shadow line effects, provides excellent weather protection and allows for dimensional movement.

WFP Western Red Cedar channel siding comes in two grades and a variety of sizes:

  • Classic Clear 
  • Premium Knotty

For installation tips, download the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association’s publication How to Install WRC Siding

Board and Batten

Board and batten creates a vertical or horizontal effect using WFP’s wide Classic Clear or Specialty boards, spaced apart with narrower boards (battens) covering the joins. Both are ideally suited for board and batten applications, creating a wonderful accent for any home.

For installation tips, download the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association’s publication How to Install WRC Siding

Trim and Fascia

WFP’s Western Red Cedar trim and fascia line offers beautiful and practical project choices. Its dimensional stability, longevity, ability to accept a wide range of finishes and resistance to decay make it a sensible solution for corner boards, fascia, skirting, and window and door trim.

WFP’s Western Red Cedar trim boards are available in a variety of grades and textures, offering freedom to create just the right style for any project.

The Classic Clear line suits a “clean” fine appearance where the highest quality is desired, while Premium Knotty offers a more rustic look. Textural options of rough, surfaced one side — two edges and surfaced on four sides provide additional design options.


Decks made from WFP’s Western Red Cedar extend living space into the outdoors, integrating home and landscape, while blending natural elements and bringing a contemporary look to a traditionally styled home.

WFP has the right product to create any outdoor space and the grade to complement any design. Choose from Classic Clear, Prestige, Premium Knotty, and Performance Knotty.

Unlike non-wood composite decking, Western Red Cedar’s renewability and sustainability make it the right environmental choice. Western Red Cedar is durable and versatile, with more than 100 years of proven performance.  Because it lies straight, is weather-resistant and has beautiful natural characteristics, Western Red Cedar is the ideal choice for any outdoor living space.

Timbers and Dimension

WFP’s Western Red Cedar timbers and rough dimension lumber can be used in engineered structures, including commercial, industrial and residential buildings where the strength and appearance of exposed wood members are equally important.

The beauty of Western Red Cedar timbers and rough dimension lumber combined with their natural long-term durability and performance also make them ideal for landscape design and construction — including park and garden structures.

WFP Western Red Cedar has a long history of withstanding the rigors of time and weather. Just add creativity and imagination to WFP’s Western Red Cedar timbers and rough dimension lumber to create inspired interiors and inviting outdoor living spaces.


To make the most of this renewable resource and better meet customer needs, Western Forest has developed a new line of engineered products using cuttings and residual products from its standard production. Western Red Cedar’s unique properties allow WFP to finger joint and edge glue small pieces into other products suitable for applications such as siding, trim and fascia.


Western Red Cedar’s versatility makes it an ideal manufacturing fibre for many finished products.

WFP also provides a broad range of semi-finished Western Red Cedar products for further manufacturing, including components, millwork, outdoor furniture, decking and landscape accessories, blind slats, windows and doors, panelling, and other products. WFP’s superior semi-finished products are backed by years of experience and customer service that guarantee results.

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