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The Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Plan is a road map to current and long-term SFM performance objectives and management strategies in the Port Alberni Forest Operations area, referred to here as the Defined Forest Area or DFA.

The DFA is situated on west-central Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The primary community centers in the area are Port Alberni and Bamfield. The DFA encompasses hectares of public lands.

The SFM Plan is an adaptation of planning processes that have been in place since allocation of the original Tree Farm Licence (TFL) in 1955. These planning processes include strategic and operational plans, analyses, standards, monitoring, and public review. Management of forest land in the area has continued to evolve over time in response to changes in society's values. TFL Management Plans are submitted at approximately ten-year intervals, and include a general description and brief history of the TFL, a list of publicly available planning documents that guide operations, a timber supply analysis with supporting information, and a summary of the review process taken and the comments received. Monitoring has included operational and corporate reporting as well as compliance audits.

The results of the DFA related public participation processes since inception in 1999 have contributed to the development of Values, Objectives, Indicators, and Targets to supplement those Indicators core to the CSA Z809 Standard. The West Island Woodlands Advisory Group (WIWAG) has helped to further develop the SFM performance framework for the DFA. Ongoing review and input is provided by WIWAG, TFL managers, and others through performance assessments, operational plan reviews, and processes related to specific land uses such as landscape unit planning and community water supply.

The SFM Plan is an ever evolving document that is reviewed and revised on an ongoing basis with WIWAG so as to reflect changes in the forest and local community.

April, 2014

Published Information:
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SFM Plan & Performance: 


     SFM Plan and 2020 Detailed Indicator & Results



     pwc - CSA Audit Report August 2019

     SFM Plan and 2019 Detailed Indicator & Results



     SFM Plan and 2018 Detailed Indicator & Results



     SFM Plan

     2017 Detailed Indicator & Results

     2017 SFM Plan Summary Overview Report



     SFM Plan

     2016 Detailed Indicator & Results

     2016 SFM Plan Summary Overview Report

     2016 Dataset Summary


     SFM Plan

     2015 Detailed Indicator & Results

     2015 SFM Plan Summary Report

     2015 SFM Plan Dataset Summary


     2010 - 2014 SFM Plan

     QMI - CSA Audit Report April 2014

     2014 Detailed Indicator & Results

     2014 SFM Plan Summary Report

     2014 SFM Plan Dataset Summary



     Detailed Indicator & Results

     2010-2014 SFM Plan - Updated for 2013 Results

     2013 SFM Plan Summary Report

     2013 SFM Plan Dataset Summary


     2010-2014 SFM Plan - Updated for 2012 Results

     2012 SFM Plan Summary Report

     2012 SFM Plan Dataset Summary


    QMI - CSA Audit Report April 2011

     WIWAG WFP Evaluation Results (Spring 2012)

     2011 SFM Plan Annual Report

     2011 SFM Plan Dataset Summary


     New CSA Standard CZ809-08

     New CSA Standard Fact Sheet

     QMI - CSA Audit Report May 10-11, 2010

     WIWAG WFP Evaluation Results (Spring 2010)

     2010 2014 SFM Plan

     2010 SFM Plan Annual Report

     2010 SFM Plan Dataset Summary


     QMI - CSA Audit Report April 23-24, 2009

     2009-2011 SFM Plan - April 2009

     2009 SFM Annual Report

     2009 SFM Plan Report (Dataset)

     2009 SFM Plan Report (Dataset) Summary


     QMI - CSA Audit Report May 7-9, 2008

     2006-2008 SFM Plan - May 2008

     WIWAG WFP Evaluation Results (Spring 2008)

     2008 SFM Plan Report (Dataset)

     2008 SFM Plan Report (Dataset) Summary


     QMI - CSA Audit Report April 19-20, 2007

     2006-2008 SFM Plan - June 2007

     2007 SFM Plan Report (Dataset)

     2007 SFM Plan Report (Dataset) Summary


     2006-2008 SFM Plan - May 2006

     2006 SFM Plan Report (Dataset)

     2006 SFM Plan Report (Dataset) Summary

     QMI - CSA Audit Report May 15-19, 2006


     QMI - CSA Audit Report April 11-13, 2005

     2003-2005 SFM Plan

     2005 SFM Plan Report (Dataset)


     2004 SFM Plan Report (Dataset)

     2004 SFM Plan Report (Dataset) Summary


     May 12-14, 2003, QMI Audit Results

     2003 SFM Plan Report (Dataset)


     2002 SFM Plan

     2002 Plan Report (Data Set)

     2002 SFM Plan Report (Data Set) Summary


Other Information:

    Best Case and Longer Scenarios, DRAFT Document
This is a "Work in Progress and Scenarios are still under consideration"
        Update, December 2006  

    Introduction to Sustainable Harvesting in the Western Forest Products DFA
Information Paper, December 2006
































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