People are a critical part of Western Forest Products’ business; from our own employees to the people that live in the communities where we operate.  Many people directly or indirectly depend on the sustainability of our business, therefore, it is important to us to protect that.  We do this through continually building our business, protecting our tenure,  and working cooperatively with external agencies and groups on progressive approaches to policy and operations.

WFP is committed to the communities in which it works through employment, sponsorships, and various operational public forums; such as our public advisory groups.  Those that work for WFP are the heart of our organization and we endeavor to reward achievements and provide a safe and secure work environment.

Western Forest Products employees are dedicated to safety,  their professions, co-workers, stakeholders and customers.  Their unique skill sets and commitment to achieving excellence are reflected in our quality and custom products, efficiently defined processes, and our unique culture of continuous improvement and innovation.