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Building with natural wood products helps reduce greenhouse gases.


Wood is the only major building material that’s renewable.


WFP natural wood products are recyclable and biodegradable and come from sustainably managed forests.

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Increasingly, architects, designers, builders and consumers are coming to appreciate the many benefits of building with wood. Wood is a beautiful, natural building option that offers durability and versatility making it well suited to a range of building applications and types. Using wood provides a renewable and a low-impact, green alternative to energy-intensive building materials such as concrete, aluminum and steel. It is the only construction material that stores carbon. Wood also offers cost advantages.

Western provides an impressive range of appearance, structural and industrial wood products destined for both local and international markets. Our access to a diverse and unique species mix coupled with our unparalleled investment in manufacturing supports us in meeting our customers’ need for a consistent and reliable supply of quality products.

The quality of our wood products is matched by our teams’ dedication to a higher standard of customer service. Our on-time and on-specification delivery are the cornerstone of our strong relationships with customers world-wide.

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