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Having your own, personal outdoor living space is an amazing addition to any home, and Western Forest Products’ wide range of LIFESTYLE CEDAR™ products are the natural choice for decking, pergolas, BBQ areas and whatever else your outdoor space requires. With easy to purchase lengths, and product readily available, LIFESTYLE CEDAR™ is meant for the weekend warrior or light contractor looking for easy to use and accessible Cedar products – available at Home Depot and Lowes.

With LIFESTYLE CEDAR™ you have the freedom to build the exact outdoor living space or structure you’ve been dreaming of. What’s more, not only do outdoor structures like gazebos, pergolas and covered bbq areas add beauty and functionality to backyard spaces, but these and larger outdoor spaces like decks and outdoor kitchens and dining areas can add substantial value and return on investment to your home. LIFESTYLE CEDAR™ is available in lengths and sizes perfect for weekend or DIY projects.

In addition to being pleasing to look at and adding extra livable and social space, there are also significant health benefits associated with outdoor living spaces. Studies have shown that outdoor spaces and structures- and in particular those constructed with natural materials like wood- have a measurable positive effect on boosting one’s immune system and reducing and alleviating stress and stress-related illnesses, a couple of very good reasons for building with wood.

With one of the largest areas of Crown land under tenure, Western Forest Products has access to the most sustainable and responsibly managed standing timber on the BC Coast, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of the highest-quality, most sustainable cedar products for our customers.

As well as having access to exceptional standing timber, WFP’s outdoor living products benefit from significant investment in our sawmills and remanufacturing facilities. These facilities produce an impressive range of decking, timber, and fencing products and products for outdoor structures. All products are available in a wide range of dimensions and lengths, and surface textures from rough- sawn to S4S (smooth surface on all four sides.

LIFESTYLE CEDAR™ products are natural wood products you can feel good about. Western Forest Products’ sustainable forest management practices are informed by First Nations and local communities to balance cultural, ecological and community values, as well as preserve the viability of our resources today and for the future.


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