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Wood does more than just create warm, calming and inviting interior spaces. There is a noted and studied correlation between health and wellness and environments using natural products like wood, which is why wood is now being used more and more in health clinics and centers.

Western Forest Products’ line of high-quality natural wood products create a timeless aesthetic that man-made composite materials just can’t duplicate. The combination of natural wood’s colour, luster, texture, grain and figure (the natural pattern seen on the surface of the wood), all contribute to the unique and warm environment that happens when designing and finishing with wood.

With one of the largest areas of Crown land under tenure, Western Forest Products has access to the most sustainable and responsibly managed standing timber on the BC Coast, ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of the highest-quality wood products for our customers.

As well as having access to exceptional standing timber, WFP’s indoor living products benefit from significant investment in our sawmills and remanufacturing facilities. These facilities produce an impressive range of products that can be used for paneling, trim, mouldings, architectural millwork and door and stain products.

What’s more, WFP’s indoor living products are natural wood products you can feel good about. Western Forest Products’ sustainable forest management practices are informed by First Nations and local communities to balance cultural, ecological and community values, as well as preserve the viability of our resources today and for the future.

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