Employee Health and Safety

At Western Forest Products we believe that nothing we do is worth getting hurt for.

Health and Safety is a core value at the foundation of everything we do. We believe that all safety incidents are preventable and that management, employees and contractors have a shared responsibility to prevent injuries.

The goal of WFP leadership is for all employees (company and contract) to be able to return home every day injury-free.  We believe we can accomplish this by:

  • Leading by example.
  • Always taking the time to do the job safely.
  • Never walking by an unsafe act or an unsafe condition.
  • Ensuring employees are properly trained before carrying out a task.
  • Continually looking for and implementing ways to improve safety performance.
  • Ensuring all employees are actively involved and committed.
  • Ensuring contractors are following WFP’s safety standards.

Since 2003, Western Forest Products has progressively moved the company’s Medical Incident Rate downward from 16.9 to 2.1 in 2011. Our goal is zero.

When an employee is injured or ill due to incidents on — or off — the job, our Ability Management program promotes and supports continued or early back-to-work initiatives to keep employees connected to their workplace and help them get healthy faster.

WFP is a SAFE Certified company under the BC Forest Safety Council.  Annual audits confirm that we are progressing on our common goal – to bring our workers home safely.  All contractors must also be Safe Certified to work for us.

WFP believes that increasing the overall health, well-being and morale of our employees helps create a positive, safe and productive work place.  Our employee benefit program  provides employees, family members and WFP retirees with confidential and professional services through our contributions to the Upper Island Counselling Services and Vancouver Island Counseling. Services may include mental health concerns, alcohol and drug issues, legal or financial concerns, critical incident stress and loss or grief counseling.

At Western Forest Products, safe work is an expectation and a safe workplace is a right.

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