Quality, Sustainable, Certified

Western Forest Products’ goal is to produce wood products that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, sustainability and certification. All our systems and processes are continually being improved to satisfy our customers’ changing needs.


WFP has applied rigorous quality systems to ensure our products are manufactured to exacting standards and undergo continuous testing to assure compliance with unique industry and customer specifications. We work with our customers to understand and achieve their requirements.

Environmental Practices

WFP is fully committed to the protection of the environment and the sustainable development of the resources in our care. Environmental, cultural and social considerations as well as site sensitivity, pollution prevention, recycling, and reduction of all types of waste and emissions are integral parts of our environmental program.


WFP has voluntarily registered all of our harvesting operations to the internationally recognized environmental certification initiative ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. We also have 850,000 ha (2.1 million ac.) of our forests registered under the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z-809 standard which is recognized by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFCTM) and is Canada’s national standard for Sustainable Forest Management. Assessment by a qualified, independent auditor ensures that WFP is managing in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner.


WFP is focused on providing operational and service excellence for all our customers, distributors and markets.  We will deliver, as promised, through open communication, the use of new technologies, and a dedicated and talented workforce.


Western Forest Products believes that a key strength of our organization is our employees, who are dedicated to their professions, co-workers, company and customers. Their unique skill sets and commitment to achieving excellence are reflected in our safety results, products, processes and culture of improvement and innovation.