First Nations

Western Forest Products’ tenures and manufacturing facilities are situated amongst the traditional territories claimed by over 40 First Nations.  These Nations have historical connections to more than six cultural linguistic groups with a diversity of languages and countless dialects.

First Nations’ culture enriches the coast of British Columbia.  Western Forest Products respects the historical and cultural interests of First Nations people, and recognizes our responsibility to work with them to conserve and protect those interests.

Our company supports the need to resolve First Nations land claims and create a more certain future for all British Columbians.  We believe that this can be accomplished in a manner that supports our business needs and continues to attract the capital investments that will make our company stronger.

It is our goal to increase the economic benefits from the forest sector to First Nations communities.  We believe this is possible through a diversity of collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships that reflect the economic interests of individual communities.

Increasing the number of First Nations people employed by the forest sector is key to the long-term success of our business.  We are faced with an aging workforce and recognize the need to make a concerted effort to establish training programs tailored towards young workers from small communities.

See our “First Nations” updates below for some highlights.

“WFP is now looking to increase opportunities to help our younger workforce find their way into the variety of positions forestry has to offer.” Read More…

“Partnerships and business opportunities for WFP with First Nations are growing as First Nations and governments work on reconciliation agreements, interim treaty measures, and final treaty settlements.” Read More…

WFP works in partnership with the Huu-ay-aht First Nation and transports a 14,000 lb Culturally Modified tree to the village of Anacla where it’s on display for cultural education. Watch the video below.