Our Forests

All our forests are located in the beautiful, complex and challenging geography of coastal British Columbia, Canada, including Vancouver Island, the Central Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Ecologically, the forests WFP manages are largely within the Coastal Western Hemlock biogeoclimatic zone  – Canada’s wettest and most productive temperate rainforest.  The main tree species found in these forests include western hemlock, amabilis fir, Douglas-fir, western redcedar, yellow-cedar and Sitka spruce.

Harvest rights to public forests are administered under a variety of licences granted to WFP by the provincial government.  Western Forest Products has a commitment to an Allowable Annual Cut (AAC) set by the Chief Forester of BC.  This AAC is a critical core asset that we strive to protect and sustain.  It is an ongoing challenge to accommodate competing values in ways that do not diminish the working forest and all its benefits.

Our forests are more than a critical timber resource – they are our heritage and our future.  Reforestation takes place on every hectare harvested and we ensure that healthy new forests grow back to maintain a full spectrum of ages and forest types that will continue to sustain environmental values and capture carbon  for generations to come.

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