Replacement Forest Stewardship Plan – Port Alberni and Stillwater Forest Operations

Western Forest Products Inc. within the South Island and Sunshine Coast Natural Resource Districts gives notice and invites written comment on the proposed Port Alberni and Powell River (Stillwater) Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) replacement. The replacement FSP covers the area on the map inset and includes areas within the vicinity of the following geographic areas: Port Alberni, Powell River, Bamfield, Nitinat, Uchucklesaht Inlet, and Great Central Lake.

The FSP shows the location of the Forest Development Unit which provides the Results and Strategies that the FSP holder will follow as it applies to the Forest and Range Practices Act.  When approved, the FSP will form the basis for the future development of roads and the timber harvesting and reforestation of cutblocks.

The following documents constitute the proposed FSP.

Proposed DRAFT Replacement FSP document


Port Alberni FSP Map 1 Stillwater FSP Map 1
Port Alberni FSP Map 2 Stillwater FSP Map 2
Port Alberni FSP Map 3 Stillwater FSP Map 3
Port Alberni FSP Map 4 Stillwater FSP Map 4
Stillwater FSP Map 5
Stillwater FSP Map 6

The FSP Companion Document included below has been prepared to assist in interpreting the content of the proposed replacement FSP.

FSP Companion Document