Saanich Forestry Centre

Research and Development

From our forest operations to our manufacturing facilities we are finding new ways to make our business better.

Saanich Forestry Centre

WFP’s Saanich Forestry Centre has been in operation since 1964.  Originally established to provide research and development for a coastal tree breeding program to improve reforestation on the BC coast, this program led to the establishment of seed orchards on the site.

Currently, about 4000 cone-bearing trees supply superior tree seed for Douglas-fir, western redcedar, western hemlock and Sitka spruce, as well as cuttings for yellow-cedar.  The seedlings are genetically diverse and exhibit improved height growth, pest resistance, wood density, or other qualities that will produce forest stands that are up to 20% more valuable at the next harvest.

With ongoing research and development, tree breeding and orchard improvements, the value and carbon sequestration potential of our future forests can be improved even further, providing more good wood for the future.

Wood-concrete Sound Barrier

FP Innovations and Western Forest Products have developed a sound abatement system made of BC coastal Hem-Fir, providing a natural, sustainable option to reduce traffic noise. The environment-friendly and cost-effective wood-concrete hybrid sound abatement system meets and exceeds code requirements with a smaller environmental footprint than other systems. This effective wood sound barrier is made from sustainably managed wood products that are renewable, light-weight, long lengths and low cost – making it competitive with concrete systems that currently have almost 100 per cent of the sound abatement market in Canada.  The sound abatement system was developed through the BC Coastal Forest Sector Hem-Fir Initiative, a project co-sponsored by the Government of British Columbia and Natural Resources Canada.

Parallel Oriented Veneer Strands

Western Forest Products’ South Island Reman facility in Chemainus, BC. is hosting a pilot program funded by Natural Resources Canada.  Strongwood Technologies Inc. (proponent) is working on a new manufacturing process for the production of parallel oriented veneer strands.

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