From safety, through operations, to producing the highest quality and most sustainable building products on the planet, we are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do.


B.C.’s sustainably managed forests—and the products derived from them—play an essential role in mitigating climate change. Not only is wood naturally beautiful, durable and functional, it’s the only major building material that’s renewable. Carbon remains sequestered in wood for the life of the products, and wood offers a green alternative to energy-intensive building materials such as concrete, aluminum and steel.

The amount of carbon stored in our sustainably managed forests is only one part Western’s story. We measure our company’s carbon footprint and environmental impacts throughout the wood life cycle, including harvesting, transportation, manufacturing, and forest regeneration. In 2018/19, our sustainable forestry and lumber production activities removed 14.2 million co2 equivalents from the atmosphere. That’s equal to removing 1.54 million cars off the road each year. It’s our goal to continuously improve our approach, further enhancing and expanding our carbon accounting.

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2020 Sustainability Report