Choose Wood

Why Choose Wood

Wood is beautiful.

Each piece of wood is a unique creation of nature.

Wood is durable.

It delivers more strength in proportion to its weight than any other material.

Wood is renewable.

All trees harvested in sustainably managed timberlands are renewed through reforestation.

Wood is an environmentally friendly product.

It is a low-impact, green alternative to energy-intensive building materials such as concrete, aluminum, steel and vinyl that must be manufactured from non-renewable resources, using petroleum and other carbon-intensive resources in their production.

Wood is biodegradable and recyclable.

Wood products decompose and naturally return to the environment, unlike most manufactured or composite building materials that can spend up to hundreds of years in landfills.

Wood is reusable.

Whether as beams or composite products, wood is reusable.

Wood is a natural insulator.

Wood insulates against heat and cold, which saves energy. In fact, wood is 400 times more effective as insulation than steel and 1800 times more effective than aluminum.

Wood is important for carbon storage.

Forests absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are part of the greenhouse gases connected to climate change and store carbon in the fibre of the wood they grow.  Structures built from wood products continue to store this carbon, while healthy young forests continue to absorb it.

Consumers, retailers, investors and communities are taking an increased interest in how their buying decisions affect the environment for future generations, considering factors beyond the traditional attributes of price, service and quality. When all of wood’s positive attributes are factored in, it’s obvious that wood is a good choice.

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