Douglas Fir Products

For more than 75 years, customers from around the world have relied on WFP’s Douglas Fir products for their strength, durability and beauty. One of the strongest and most durable softwoods, WFP’s Douglas Fir is often the first choice for structural timbers and framing lumber for housing markets worldwide, including North America, Australia, Europe and Japan, whatever specifications are required. This wood is also valued for engineered applications and laminated timbers as well as railway ties, docks and landscaping projects. In addition, WFP can supply Douglas Fir products for remanufacturing everything from pallets, crating and packaging to window frames, doors and cabinet millwork, and beautiful flooring.

N.A. Structural

Green Douglas Fir (GDF) – ‘N’ Stamped for ‘Northern’

  • Products are anti-stained treated
  • Products are S4S with an eased edge — 3”, 4” and 6” is S4S with a square edge
  • Products may also be available in rough or rough sawn
  • Utility/Better and #3Structural/Better products are not grade stamped and no end-paint
  • ’Stud Grade’ may be available in 92 5/8, 104 5/8 and 116 5/8

Douglas Fir Structural Products

Japan Structural

Western Forest Products has a long established history of supplying quality Douglas Fir components for traditional Japanese house construction. Whether it is floor posts (tsuka), ridge beams (munagi) or rafters (taruki), kiln-dried or green products, WFP’s experienced staff can speak further about the Douglas Fir components that deliver the strength, performance and reliability for which this fibre is known.

For more details on structural Douglas Fir products for traditional housing in Japan, please visit the website of  WFP Japan


WFP’s Douglas Fir is renowned for its structural strength and fine appearance. Timbers made from WFP Douglas Fir have been used for more than 100 years for timber frame construction, railway ties, trestle and bridge construction and mining timbers, as well as docks and piers in marine applications and, more recently, for oil rig matting.

The range of WFP’s timber sizes and lengths offer excellent design versatility. Their structural strength and visual appeal make them well suited for innovative, contemporary or traditional residential and commercial construction projects.

Timber Frame
WFP offers a wide range of lengths and sizes in fine-grained or second-growth fibre. Design versatility, natural beauty and structural integrity make WFP’s Douglas Fir timbers the right choice for any timber frame project.

WFP offers the lengths and sizes of marine timbers required for building docks wharves and piers. For both large and small projects, WFP’s manufacturing facilities can produce the materials for your marine project.

WFP’s Douglas Fir timber products have endless applications in landscape design. From simple borders to elevated walkways, bridges and retaining walls, our wide product range affords hundreds of design possibilities. By working directly with customers or through our business partners, WFP can provide preservative treatments to add decay resistance when needed for extra durability in exterior applications.

Douglas Fir Timber Products


With their distinctive golden-orange colour and fine, tight grain, WFP’s Douglas Fir appearance products also have a long history of reliable performance as windows, doors, flooring, panelling, mouldings and other applications. Discerning architects, designers and homeowners prefer Douglas Fir products to add warmth and quality finishing inside and out to any project.


When flexibility, reliability and quality are needed for manufacturing finished products, WFP offers a wide range of semi-finished Douglas Fir products. Whether it’s for moulding, millwork, furniture, cabinetry, windows and doors, flooring, panelling or other end uses, WFP’s superior semi-finished products are backed by years of experience and customer service that guarantee results.

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