Hem-Fir Characteristics

Western Forest Products’ Hem-Fir — a mixture of two species, Western Hemlock and Amabilis Fir — is one of the world’s finest building materials.

Species Characteristics: Hem-Fir is a high-performance wood that is moderately hard and strong, delivering high bending strength, shear strength and stiffness. The wood is slightly resistant to decay and very easy to treat. It dries slowly, contains no pitch, holds its shape well during the drying process and exhibits little tendency to check. Hem-Fir machines well, sands smoothly, glues easily, has high nail- and screw-holding ability, and its painting and staining characteristics are very good.

Uses: The superior strength and nail-holding capabilities of WFP’s Hem-Fir make it suitable for all types of construction. Because of its durability, light colour, freedom from pitch and notable receptivity to finishes and stains, Hem-Fir is also the perfect option for joinery and millwork such as doors, windows, mouldings and other appearance products. Hem-Fir’s strength and receptiveness to preservative treatments also make it an excellent choice for outdoor applications such as bridges, timber construction, garden landscaping and decking — especially when costs are a consideration.

Why is Hem-Fir ideal to work with? WFP’s Hem-Fir offers a clear, lustrous surface and unsurpassed versatility that allow designers and architects to add natural elegance to interior projects in exciting ways.

Sustainability Considerations: Like all WFP wood products, WFP’s Hem-Fir is the right choice for the environment.

For more information on Hem-Fir, download these brochures:

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Product sheets courtesy Coast Forest Products Association

Physical Properties
Density (air dry average): 480 kg/m3
Specific gravity (oven dry average): 0.47
Modulus of elasticity: 12 300 MPa
Modulus of rupture: 81.1 MPa

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