Sitka Spruce Characteristics

Sitka Spruce from Western Forest Products is one of the world’s finest building materials.

Species Characteristics:
Sitka Spruce is an exceptional wood renowned for its beauty and outstanding characteristics. WFP’s Sitka Spruce is a remarkable wood, with creamy white, pink-tinged sapwood and pink-brown heartwood.

Uses: This wood’s excellent working properties, machinability, acoustic properties, straight grain and soft texture make it valued for end uses such as musical instruments, panelling, sauna components, Japanese shoji screens and other joinery applications. It is worked easily with hand or machine tools and takes — and holds — nails and screws without splitting. Due to its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and shock-absorbing qualities, Sitka Spruce is used in many applications — from aircraft construction, to masts and spars for boats, and other construction.

Why is Sitka Spruce ideal to work with? Sitka Spruce is lightweight, has moderate strength properties, good resiliency, medium hardness and low resistance to abrasion. It also has above-average stiffness with a high strength-to-weight ratio. WFP’s Sitka Spruce products are known for drying readily with moderate shrinkage, low-dimensional movement and minimal tendency to check. This distinctive wood is relatively easy to work with and has good machining properties as it turns, planes, shapes, sands and finishes well. It also glues easily and has moderate nail and screw holding ability.

Sustainability Considerations: Like all WFP wood products, WFP’s Sitka Spruce is the right choice for the environment.

For more information on Sitka Spruce, download these brochures:

Spruce (English)
Spruce (Japanese)
Spruce (Chinese)

Product sheets courtesy Coast Forest Products Association

Physical Properties
Density (air dry average): 430 kg/m3
Specific gravity (oven dry average): 0.39
Modulus of elasticity: 11 200 MPa
Modulus of rupture: 68.8 MPa

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