Yellow Cedar Characteristics

Yellow Cedar from Western Forest Products is one of the world’s finest building materials.

Species Characteristics: WFP’s Yellow Cedar is valued for its strength, extreme durability and outstanding beauty. It is renowned for its distinctive, uniform yellow colour, fine texture and straight grain. Because it is considerably harder than most commercial softwoods, it has excellent strength and wear properties.

Uses: Yellow Cedar is ideal for a broad range of uses where strength and durability are top concerns, especially for environmentally sensitive projects where pressure-treated lumber cannot be used. At the same time, the high workability of Yellow Cedar makes it ideal for carving and custom projects where the final appearance is a key consideration.

Why is Yellow Cedar ideal to work with? Using WFP products made from Yellow Cedar adds beauty, elegance and prestige to any project. This highly prized wood of uncommon appearance is admired for its distinctive, uniform yellow colour and its fine texture and straight grain. When freshly cut, the wood is pleasantly aromatic — adding another unique element to this special wood. Yellow Cedar is found only on the west coast of North America and WFP has access to some of the finest of this wood.

Sustainability Considerations: Like all WFP wood products, WFP’s Yellow Cedar is the right choice for the environment.

For more information on Yellow Cedar, download these brochures:

Yellow Cedar (English)
Yellow Cedar (Mandarin)

Product sheets courtesy Coast Forest Products Association

Physical Properties
Density (air dry average): 431 kg/m3
Specific gravity (oven dry average): 0.42
Modulus of elasticity: 11 000 MPa
Modulus of rupture: 79.7 MPa

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