Planning & Practices

Planning and Practices

Under the Forest and Range Practices Act (FRPA), the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation (FPPR) provides the operational direction for designing and implementing timber harvesting. Teams of WFP resource professionals plan and work together to meet objectives for soil, fish, water, wildlife, biodiversity, scenery, cultural values and timber.

Careful planning and coordination is undertaken to balance goals for all forest resources. WFP and our resource professionals welcome review and input on all plans from stakeholders, First Nations and the general public.

Resource professional practices are bound by associations, such as the Association of BC Forest Professionals (ABCFP), to codes of ethics and standards of professional practice. Fields of professional forestry practice include:

  • reforestation
  • wildfire prevention and management
  • pest protection
  • habitat supply management
  • forest inventory
  • road and harvest design
  • watershed protection
  • and many more!

Besides staff forest professionals and biologists, we often retain independent geomorphologists, terrain specialists, hydrologists, wildlife biologists, fisheries biologists, forest ecologists, botanists and other specialists to help design forest management activities.

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